It’s only MSNBC — Hardball and All In with Chris Hayes mind you, but I’m seeing a shift in how the MSM is viewing Kavanaugh.  And it ain’t good news for Kavanaugh.  Maybe the Kavanaugh nomination to the SCOTUS is in real trouble?

First up, I tuned in to the last 30 minutes of Hardball with Chris Matthews, and Matthews sure seemed extremely sour on Kavanaugh.  He kept asking his guests if Republican Senators really wanted to vote for a guy who was accused of attempted rape.  Matthews all but declared that he believed Professor Christine Blasey Ford over Kavanaugh.

And Matthews didn’t have on the usual Trump supporting assholes like Matt Schlapp or John Brabender.  And Matthews loves having those assholes on his show.  They throw up a lot of BS, and Matthews thinks that is great for ratings.  Maybe Matthews is taking this accusation against Kavanaugh seriously?  

And Chris Hayes is reporting that Republican Senators do NOT want to see Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford on Monday.  They have agreed to a hearing on Monday, but Republicans are privately sending up signals that they want Kavanaugh to make this all go away.  Translation:  withdrawal yourself Kavanaugh!

It’s only private mumblings for now though.

But if Kavanaugh’s nomination was not in trouble, wouldn’t we be hearing the same old tune from MSNBC?  It was all, “What can Democrats do to stop Kavanaugh’s appointment to the SCOTUS?  NOTHIN’!”  This is all true, but it was always told to us that the fix was in, and the only story was whether or not some Democrats would sell out and vote for Kavanaugh.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into all of this, but it sure seems like a shift in the narrative, at least for now.  

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