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Read this and consider. President Elect and VP Elect Harris know this. Don't panic.

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Do you really believe the little turtle and pig Barr and loonie Graham and others will go so far as to try and disenfranchise the first Black /Asian woman VP in American history?   Do you think after countries including France, and Israel and even Saudia Arabia have offered congratulations will be embarrased with premature congrats?  Not for a minute.  Not for a nano second. 

Do you think the cult club really want to take on the anger of more than 5 million voters?  Do you think these angry Trumpers are doing anything  more than to make sure they face jail time for sedition if they continue?   We have people in the administration  leaving everyday.  They got goods and words to say.   Do you think those calling for civil unrest knows what that really means?  No…they have their brains fried on something other than working brain cells.  This move by Trump won’t work.

Do you think America has become so weak they will just let these little angry people push the majority around?  Nope.  This all was anticipated.…

It looks bad.  It is frustrating but on top of everything else, Putin is KGB and not stupid.  He has no loyalty to Trump.  Trump has loyalty to him.   These republican autocrat want a be people don’t have anything on Putin and he hold the cards over their heads and right now he I bet is angry and embarrassed.  He will destroy them because they did not tear America down all the way.  Yes they caused chaos and obstruction but they did not overtake the will of the American people.   I hope he realizes now that is not such an easy task.

The true American spirit has this and even uncomfortable as it is, we will prevail because President Elect Biden and VP Elect Harris know what they are doing.  VP Elect Biden knows foreign policy.  He knows plenty with his experience.   This is a distraction and panic and that includes the Turtle and the Graham cracker.   Bluster and anger with no proof of wrongdoing. or fraud, whatsoever.   

These cabinet members didn’t need to quit and write books, they needed to invoke the 25th amendment.  

Calm down and we knew the road would get bumpy but not washed out.  We have elected the right team.  Everyday that passes, we prove that more and more with the tantrums the republicans are showing.

Take a nap, eat a candy bar and look at this diary… which pretty well puts the worst scenerao in perspective.  It would be laughable if not sad.  Don’t foget, Biden has money for the transition and if not he can raise it.  He doesn’t need Trump to show him the china or the light switches.   He can go to court and get the transition papers.  

Trump and his enablers are making fools of themselves.   We also have 4 former presidents who have offered their congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

All 4 living presidents have offered congratulations.   That is some power compared to a bankrupt, angry, spoiled resident hold up behind a new black wall shivering in the dark afraid of the SDNY attorney general with Rudy holding press conferences next to porno shops and cremation sites.

Think about it.  The man is afraid of an American Eagle.  How afraid would he be of  real   American Biden patriots in the flesh?  

He is a snowflake gathering little snowflakes that are just annoying as heck but can’t make a snowball’s chance in Hell of changing what has happened and done so legally with no fraud or cheating involved.   Think about it.  If there was cheating, we would not be stuck with Graham and McConnell and a host of other do nothing legislators.  

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