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Rashida Tlaib slams President Trump's 4th of July vanity festivities

Progressive Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) did not mince her words as she went to the core of Donald Trump's vanity 4th of July festivities. Many frame their objections of the event claiming it politicized the holiday. She did what is more important.

Rashida Tlaib illustrated that the President's actions had a cost to her constituents, many of whom voted for Donald Trump. That is the genius in having new Congresspeople who understand who they are working for all of the times.

Rashida Tlaib slams President Trump's 4th of July vanity festivities

Tlaib pointed out that there are many positions in the Veterans Administration that he should be filling. Her constituents, many who voted for Donald Trump, are always in lines waiting for service. Rashida justifiably frames the problem with Donald Trump's self-servicing vanity July 4th festivities as one that hurts her constituents and others.

Donald Trump wanted a vanity event and got one. Bankers wanted corporate socialist policies to get them out of their financial quagmire and got it. Whenever the Defense Industrial Complex urges Americans into war, the cost is never an issue.

When it is time to help the poor and the middle-class, the first question they ask is for a payment schedule. It is time to centralize government around people and not capital or the wealthy.

Democrats need to wrap the president's neck around this unnecessary expense going forward for every policy he attempts to deny based on cost. There has not been a legitimate excuse for decades. This vanity event makes it clearer.

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