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Rand Paul: “They won’t even admit there is election fraud and want to pretend nothing happened”

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George Stephanopoulos grills hyperventilating Rand Paul into a frenzy about GOP election lies

The alternative reality persists and MSM is only interested in the 2024 race.

Rand kept saying: hear the other side!

A clip of Rand Paul using the platform of ABC News to continue the Big Lie, with plenty of pushback from George Stephanopoulos, which in turn led to — stop me if you’ve heard this —”liberal bias.”

ABC News: what are you doing here? What end is served?

After all, @ABC, there is an alternative to asking Big Lie denialists “was the election stolen?” followed by hand-to-hand combat around every “just raising questions” maneuver they have in stock for you today.

Just call the question closed and move on. As an organization.

I don’t think ABC News knows why it participates in election denialism this way. (People who follow me say ratings, I doubt the ratings would change at all if the Big Lie came off the board.) But there’s no question that Rand Paul knows why he does it:

If you want to know why I am using the term, “the Big Lie,” what it means in historical context, how it works as a propaganda method, and why it matters that ABC News broadcast it today, sit down and read historian Tim Snyder’s essay, “The American Abyss.”

You can have an evidence-based newsroom. Or you can have the “both sides” formula for advertising your even-handedness. With the Republican Party in its current state you cannot have both.
Former senior VP for NBC News:

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