Rand Paul encounters “angry mob” on the way back from meeting with crazed mobsters.



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At one point, an officer and a protester got into a pushing match, causing a cop to topple partially. The senator himself seemed to try to hold the officer up.

The police managed to escort Senator and Kelley Paul into the Willard Intercontinental Hotel. 

After Paul escaped into the hotel, I ran back a block East where the situation began. Although I missed most of it, you can see the aftermath.

I'm told mace was deployed and three were arrested. A huge number of officers blocked off the east and south sides of F and 13th. 

Rewinding a bit, here's the beginning of the confrontation. As protesters initially surrounded the Pauls, neither said anything other than to the police.

“No justice, no peace!” the crowd chanted. 

Protesters demanded that Senator @RandPaul say Breonna Taylor's name.

“White silence is violence!”

“Say her name!”

It's worth mentioning on June 11, Paul introduced the “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act.” 

I will have the full HD footage up but wanted to note that so far @DailyMail has licensed my footage from tonight.

Reminder to news networks that if you'd like to republish my work, you need to do the same.

Here is the full, uncut footage of what happened to Senator Rand Paul tonight when he was surrounded by protesters.

All footage available for license. Much more to come in this thread.

While Paul will likely grab the headlines, protesters did the same thing to Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones.

Jones is an African American Democrat, but controversial for his choice to endorse Trump's re-election.

Police also escorted him to his hotel as protester surrounded. 





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