Rand Paul appeared on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd this morning once again. There was no pandering yet no serious probing. It led however to Paul making some statements that when evaluated to the core speaks a truth few are willing to accept.

Rand Paul very artfully criticized Trump questioning his warmongering military appointments. His prescient question is, Why are we always the patsies sending our kids there?

Rand Paul tepidly calls out the president

There is the president and then there is the presidency. The occupier of the presidency must determine how easy they want the job to be. One can be transformational, semi-transformational, timid, or a combination of them all.

Ronald Reagan was transformational and timid. He was transformational because he restructured the economy into one where capital had all value and humanity very little. He was timid because it was easy to appease those with power, the plutocracy.

President Obama was semi-transformational because he wanted real change, understood that he was fighting headwinds coming from within and without so did the best he could given those restrains. Unfortunately, he did not transform Obama For America into the grassroots juggernaut it could have become. A worldwide fiscal crisis played a part in this.

Donald Trump is just timid. While we love to hate on him for all the evil that he spouts, we fail to notice most times he is just a manipulated puppet who himself is oblivious to said manipulation. Some would call him a useful idiot.

So when Rand Paul talks about Donald Trump not wanting wars or wasting our national treasure on war, he misses the most important point. Trump is a timid person who will do what it takes to survive, to be praised, or to enrich himself. There is no pure core there. He is the president whose presidency is in the control of others willing to make him take the praise and the fall. After all, a good puppeteer is never seen.

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