While voting is important to all the winning message that will hit every American in the gut was best said by Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel has the right post office narrative

Watch the full episode here.

Donald Trump is attempting to sabotage the election using the post office. While our current message has been tying it to voter suppression and corrupting the results of the election, Rahm Emanuel has a framing that likely reaches more people because it affects their immediate wellbeing and personal economy.

Emanuel appeared on This Week today and laid out the message Democrats should be using succinctly. Ironically it would likely bring the Republicans back to the negotiating table as well. He first makes it a meat and potatoes issue.

“I think the Democrats need to redirect their message,” Rahm Emanuel said. “You haven't gotten your medicine through the mail? Donald Trump, that's the problem. You haven't got your Social Security check, and you're going to miss your mortgage payment, or you're going to miss some benefit for your health care costs? Donald Trump's your problem, and the Republicans are a problem. Voting is about us and the election. It is about the democracy.”

He then ties it into forcing Republicans to negotiate.

“This is tied up on the entire package in Congress,” Emanuel said. “You want to put pressure on getting the Republicans to negotiate, which they are refusing to do now until Labor Day? Change the message to something that's relevant to the American people today, not three months. And so I 100 percent agree with this. I mean, I never knew the post office was going to become a partisan issue, that Democrats are only for checks getting to people or voting ballots getting to people in rural or seniors.”

Rahm Emanuel then pointed out Democrats must use this to ensure they don't squander some polling advantages seldom seen if ever.

But Joe Biden is now up, the first Democrat in 20 years, among older people,” Rahm Emanuel said. “So, let's make this relevant to a very important constituency today. You're not getting your medicines on time on your diabetes, your heart? Donald Trump and the Republicans are stopping you from getting that. You're not getting your Social Security check? Donald Trump is getting that. You're not getting your updates on Medicare? Donald Trump and the Republicans are doing it. Then you would make this relevant, and they would get to the negotiating table for the entire package.”

This is sound advice Democrats should heed immediately. He hit the nail on the head.

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