First of all, can any IT folks out there tell me how to give my computer a cleansing enema? Just stick the hose in the USB port, or …? I had to visit the Daily Stormer website just now to make sure this story was legit, and needless to say, I feel gross. Like getting-teabagged-by-Roger-Stone gross. Just really, really gross.

But I found a dollop of good news therein. The infamous racist site is in dire financial straits because — this will shock you — its readers won’t put their money where their filthy fucking mouths are.

A recent super-whiny post from the website’s founder, Andrew Anglin, decries his readers’ reluctance to contribute financially to his virulently racist piffle: “I’ve given 30-day notices to most of the staff, because even after I told you people that the site lost $50,000 last year, fewer than 60 of you decided to send money, for a total of less than $5,000. The costs for January were more than $10,000.”


I’m not sure where they could possibly be spending all that money. The site looks like Heinrich Himmler’s abandoned Angelfire page from the ‘90s. Do racists still use HTML for Dummies?

Anglin continued: “It is impossible to communicate how depressing this is for me personally. I thought that we were promoting an agenda here that people believed in, but it seems that virtually all of you do not believe in this enough to send $5.”

Trump crying at world series
So, so sad …

Anyway, a little something to brighten an otherwise somber day: Hate will never win, Trump’s “acquittal” doesn’t change the fact that he’s an unbelievably corrupt asshole, and the sun will rise again.

Let’s take the victories where we can get them, eh?

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