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Racist Trump supporters mock children in cages

In Latin America, the situation has deteriorated to the extent that criminal gangs have taken over large areas in the wake of civil wars in the region.  Much of this is due to a US policy of deporting thousands and thousands of gang members, trained in US prisons in LA, into Latin America. The daily violence, extortion, and sexual assault means that parents are desperate enough to make the ultra-dangerous journey to declare asylum, even though they know our current administration has a policy of unspeakable cruelty against children to create a deterrent to coming here.

Imagine being a toddler ripped from your mother’s arms and thrown in an overcrowded human dog pound”. These human cages have very few resources because the Trump administration steadfastly refuses to fund anything that might alleviate their suffering.  It’s horrifying to listen to the children calling out for their parents.

So naturally, it’s something Trump’s supporters wanted to make fun of:

Mexico, which is in the middle of a massive drug war, has acquiesced to the Trump administration and promised to hold migrants in their own detention centers while on their journey. Mexico is packing them into centers and not even providing basic necessities, like food. Even they, however, don’t separate the families.

The mother below is pleading for her children’s lives. It’s quite disturbing:

You’d have to be pretty awful to watch that and not have your heart go out to that poor woman, who went from one unbearable situation to another. But you’d have to be a special kind of depraved to know what’s happening to these migrants—because YOU caused it—and then decide to just insult them.

A real, depraved monster….

I guess that’s what passes these days for making America great again. And keep in mind, this is Trump on his behavior for an election year. Try to imagine what’s in store if Trump wins in 2020 with no upcoming election to look forward to.

On second thought, don’t.

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