Racist Field Assistant for Mitch McConnell Stars in Attack Ad Against Democrat Amy McGrath.

Another day and another deplorable racist Republican pops up:

The Kentucky Democratic Party has called attention to racist tweets posted by a woman featured in a Republican television ad that attacks Democratic congressional candidate Amy McGrath.

The Democrats highlighted five tweets by Hannah Thornton, a former office assistant with U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, made between 2011 and 2012 in which she used the word “nigga” and said derogatory things about people from Mexico.

Republican Congressman Andy Barr represents the Sixth Congressional District in KY.  And the ad was run by the Congressional Leadership Club.  Her Tweets about Mexicans are highlighted in the article.  As to Andy Barr’s reaction to the news about Hannah Thornton:

Barr said he knows who Hannah Thornton is, but was entirely unfamiliar with her sentiments about Mexicans or her use of derogatory words.

“I don’t know this person very well, I know her as an acquaintance, but regardless I don’t tolerate anyone who would say something that would be racist or would have a racist viewpoint,” Barr said. “I reject that wholeheartedly and would not want to affiliate myself with anyone who holds those toxic views.”

Um, newsflash Congressman Barr — Donald Trump says this sort of shit all the time, except we have not heard the hardcore tape of him calling someone the N word.  Therefore, you do affiliate with someone who holds toxic views, and not just on race.  And if you watch the ad, you will see what  issue Thornton was focusing on:  lazy people who are on welfare.  

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