Racism Blinders, Public Education, and Civil Rights: GLEP Is The Problem, Not The Solution


Last week Gary Naeyaert of Great Lakes Education Project tweeted an image that sparked outrage with many people in the state and earned the organization dedicated to destroying public education much deserved notoriety. After three additional tweets trying to explain what he meant by the meme to compare Michigan State School Superintendent Mike Flanagan to school segregation champion George Wallace, the tweet with the image disappeared from the Internet. Gary's been cautious ever since, even deleting a tweet from the GLEP account wishing Governor Snyder happy birthday on Tuesday when he posted an identical tweet under his own personal twitter account seconds later.

Gary also believes school choice is the Civil Rights issue of our time. After 20 years of organizations like GLEP hammering at public education in Michigan our public schools struggle to stay open. They function in crumbling buildings and reduce teaching staff and services creating a hostile struggle to maintain the level of quality education our public education system was famous for, despite the DeVos family's efforts and money fueling the war to end it for good. According to Gary, this is a good thing for Michigan, because then parents will have to choose a for-profit charter school to send their children, and state tax dollars will make charter school managers rich. Hooray, the free market works!

  • August 21, 2014
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