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Rachel Maddow: drumpf Not Flogging Critics by Taking Sec. Clearances, He's Hamstringing Witnesses.

Last night our favorite reporter told us the real reason dumbass is stripping officials of the security clearances; doing so denies them access to their files and notes sequestered in the various agencies they worked for and makes it impossible to prepare for testimony that might be required of them as the Trump/Russia probe moves forward. 

A cursory examination of the officials being threatened makes this clear:


All were in crucial positions to observe or investigate the Trump campaign during the time period involved.

Rachel explains:

Politics USA

Maddow said:

“What if the practical effect of taking away a security clearance from a former official who was involved in the formative stages of the Russian investigation is that you interfere with that former official accessing his or her own notes and files? His or her own materials? From the former agency where those people worked during their time working on the Russia investigation. According to Brennan, that’s something that you’d need to do and that you might employ your security clearance to do if you’re going to be questioned on these matters as part of ongoing investigations. Look at the list. Look at almost all the names on the list of people the president wants to do this to. Brennan, CIA director during the Russia attack. Clapper, director of national intelligence during the Russia attack. Comey, director of the FBI during the Russia attack. McCabe, deputy director of the FBI during the Russia attack. Strzok, head of counterintelligence at the FBI during the Russia attack. Susan Rice, national security adviser during the Russia attack. Sally Yates, deputy attorney general during the Russia attack. Security clearances may or may not be something any of these people are using for their current work. But if they are stripped of their clearances or blocked from ever getting them again, what does that do to their ability to prepare for testimony and to testify if need be? We have good reason, after all, to think that a bunch of these people might have important things to say provided they can speak about classified material in a classified setting.

This is witness tampering and obstruction on a grand scale folks.

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Congress should act immediately to protect our democracy.

Not concerned and staying…………………………………….Somewhat concerned and running.

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha………… if.

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