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R.I.P. Florence Cioffi — Wall Street's Most Infamous Killing ::REPOST

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This diary spun through last night. For a reminder that nothing much has changed….

January 25th was the seventh anniversary of the slaughter of a Manhattan office worker, Florence Cioffi. She was 59 years old, a few days short of turning sixty. The criminal responsible was Enterprise Engineering, Inc.'s Chairman and CEO George Anderson.

Here is Nana:

The infamy of the case stems from a major crime: the combination of admitted/tested DUI, driving 60 m.p.h. on a city street, hitting a woman trying to hail a cab, and fleeing the scene. No assistance was rendered. Then the following year in a display of raw Wall Street power a deal was arranged with the Manhattan D.A. to resolve criminal liability with a 16-day sentence at Rikers Island, a $350 fine and community service.

Anderson stepped out of the limelight temporarily. He is back in place with full advantage. His office faces Zuccotti Park from the south.

There has been no follow up in corporate media. Careers returned to normal. There is no impact. Florence Cioffi is gone and forgotten, her life recalled if at all as a cause for temporary embarrassment to those in power in New York City.

Media coverage started in 2008 with the Post, the New York Times, and the area television stations. However, when Anderson was let off, our corporate press whimpered once, each, and fell silent.

Fact is, crimes have not been prosecuted in New York on financial industry criminals since the first round of scams in the early/mid 1990's. Vehicular Manslaughter, here, in this example was one small step further into that abyss.

Posting of this remembrance has been delayed, again, to enable another assessment of information concerning the career path of David Hammer, Esq. He was the prosecutor who took the plea deal to court that dropped these multiple felony charges. He offered up a novel and then unique technique for voiding the New York State mandatory sentencing requirement. He defeated the State's Attorney General office and everyone connected with M.A.D.D. He remains in the management track as an Assistant District Attorney holding position as Deputy Bureau Chief. That guy's career is a skyrocket.

That deal has paid off nicely. For everyone, eh?

More below the fold.

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