President Biden has been trying to negotiate an infrastructure plan with Senate Republicans for at least a month. He's made some significant concessions, they've increased what they're willing to spend by a small amount, but there's still an enormous gulf between them, with no signs of any way of bridging it.

A big part of the problem is that Biden is trying to include a number of progressive proposals, such as affordable housing and clean energy. Wouldn't it make more sense to attack this in smaller pieces rather than trying to pass a single, multi-trillian$ bill at once? This all-or-nothing process is almost certainly bound to fail, and each side will be able to blame the other.

Isn't it better to get something done than nothing? Or is the risk that once something passes, the GOP will say that they accomplished an infrastructure bill and not even come to the table for anything else?

Of course, there's no guarantee that even these smaller pieces could pass, when McConnell has vowed to obstruct Biden at every turn (much as he did when Obama was in the White House). But it seems like it has a better chance than what he's trying now.