The countries that are in my inquiry list are:

SN Country Population GDP DefExp
0 Russia 143,439,832 1,267,750 66.4 bn
1 Germany 80,682,351 3,494,900 39.4 bn
2 UK 65,111,143 2,649,890 55.5 bn
3 France 64,668,129 2,488,280 50.9 bn
4 Turkey 79,622,062 755,716 22.6 bn

My questions are:

  1. Given that France, Germany and the UK have larger economies than Russia does, why do they spend less on defense than Russia does, yet always seem to be scared of Russia?
  2. Why does Russia maintain so massive a military when these countries can't?
  3. How can Russia spend so much on defense?
  4. Given that these countries spend so much on defense, why do they seek US help/alliance to counter Russia?
  5. Why is NATO still so important to them even though they spend so much on defense? Aside from the USA, these four countries' combined spending far exceeds Russia's, and Russia still can bargain with them in Syria.