Syria has always been in the sights of the US as the US runs wickedly throughout the Middle East/North Africa. Syria has been on the US chopping block for decades. It would seem there are quite a few 'reasons' and most of them a pile of bogus iterations out of the US.
Syria was Russian favoured as Syria needed some countries the back them against the terror of war so often brought about in the region by the West and most imperialistically by the US. I draw this conclusion by the crimes by the US upon Syrians and the nature of the US commitment to Israel.
The real reason is the oil in the Golan which is Israel and US occupied in direct opposition to the UN rulings that the Golan belongs to Syria.
Much of the desire to 'own' the Golan is oil.
It is stated that there are huge oil resources in the Golan and both Israel and the US want these resources. I would suggest this to be pretty obvious. And, as yet the UN has not changed its mind of the designation of the Golan being part of Syria.
The Golan remains occupied.
This is another big reason the US wants continued war with Syria. So too the Israelis.This is an adventure about wealth and about 'rule'.
Another reason Syria is a target is because the US/Israel want to rule the Middle East/North Africa and to own all of its resources. As always wealth is involved along with power.
The West is pretty much stuck in a rut with its bending over backwards for the US.
Canada is a big country impressed by the US. IE: Big in size. It is pretty much run by jokers this past while with PM Trudeau being a week and poorly informed backer of the US abuse of power. His agreeing to abuse NATO is a big dilemma ignored by the Canadian media especially the CBC.
I do wish Canada still had a man like Pierre Elliot Trudeau back who hat the unmitigated gall to tell the US Pentagon, “Poppy Cock!”!
In short we'd have a much friendlier world without the US.
So, why do we, as a world, allow the warmongering US warmongering to lead us on?