There is a notion in the media that because of persecution, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Afghan Hindu/Sikh minorities migrate to India to seek Indian citizenship.

However, this notion begs the question, why Indian Dalits are not trying to get out of India?

Even though, Dalits in India are heavily persecuted minorities in the country. Dalits seem to have no plan to migrate to other countries as there is no such news available on the Internet.

Why don't they leave India to settle in other countries like their fellows from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan? (Check: here and here)

Some may argue that India's neighboring countries are Muslim majority. The reply is, Muslim-majority Pakistan & Bangladesh have Hindus living there (see: here, here, here, here, and here). On top of that, what difference does it make if Dalits are living in a Muslim-majority country when they are persecuted in their own country where they were born?