The combined results of the 5 boroughs of NYC had a swing towards former president Donald Trump of about 9 percentage points. However, the combined results of Hudson Union and Essex counties in New Jersey, right by New York City, only swung 3 points in that direction.

They seem to have similar non-white populations, foreign born populations, etc. Why did NYC swing towards Trump more than three nearby counties in New Jersey that seem similar demographically?

By swing I am also talking about vote margins too. Those 3 counties were won by tens of thousands more votes combined, with most of the extra vote margin coming from Essex and Union at the county level. But Biden won NYC by tens of thousands fewer votes. This is not an attack question. I may have used the word culprit but it wasn't meant that way.

Additionally Orthodox population doesn't seem to fully explain it. The Bronx which is 55% Hispanic swung 13% while Hudson, 45%, swung only 6%.