I was not born in the USA, and I am trying to understand the Second Amendment. My big question is:

When was the last time US citizens made use of the Second Amendment and fought against the US government to protect their freedom?

I expect a date, or an event, or “never” as an answer to my question (see my second edit).

If the Civil War is the answer, then I want to clarify: in the Civil War didn't people fight people rather than the government? Father vs son, brother vs brother, etc?

Edit: clarification

Some people complained that my question is too vague, and I agree with that. What is meant by government? Do local governments count? Do bullets have to be shot or is a peaceful protest with guns enough to be considered an exercise of the 2nd amendment? I will argue and say that the ambiguity of my question is caused by the ambiguity of the 2nd amendment itself. I think the 2nd amendment is too primitive to adequately cover all user cases of a much more complex world we live in today compared to the way this world was when the amendment was first written. Please use your best judgment and logic when answering questions and posting comments. As an OP, I don't know how I should make this question more specific.

Edit 2: additional clarifications

Here is where I am coming from with this question. A lot of people, when arguing about the 2nd amendment, state that they need the 2nd amendment to protect themselves from corrupt government (I recently participated in such a discussion with friends). The next natural question to those people I had is “when was the last time that happened?” So, I came to this website to find an answer. When I asked the question I expected either a specific date or event, or “never” as a reply. It turned out my question generated a lot of discussion. I received multiple dates/events as answeres as candidates for my answer, as well as requests to clarify my question and suggestions in comments that the 2nd amendment hypothetically prevented the US from a hypothetical corrupt government, which is not really an answer. I also found “counter arguments” (if they can be qualified as such) to the most currently highly upvoted answer. In the mean time, I accept an unpopular answer as “It haven't happened yet” as accepted, until a better answer emerges.

Disclaimer: I don't mean to appear anti-gun-ownership. I believe people have the right to own guns, but my opinion has no place on this website. I am on this site expecting to get unbiased, logical answers which weigh both sides of the argument.

Edit 3: I took away my accepted answer check mark so not too skew other people's opinions on this issue.