A lot of this doesn't get covered in the US so it's been hard to follow. Apparently the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland is… imploding?

The interventions follows the resignation of Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) councillors Glyn Hanna and Kathryn Owen, along with others in the party's South Down association.

Mr Hanna said there was a “culture of fear” in the party and claimed he witnessed “bullying” at last month's meeting of the DUP executive, during which Mr Poots' election as DUP leader was ratified by party members.

Apparently this is all tied in some loose way to the resignation of Arlene Foster

Mrs Foster, 50, said she would step down as DUP leader on 28 May and as first minister at the end of June.

More than 20 DUP NI Assembly members and four MPs signed a letter voicing no-confidence in the leadership.

Except there was no letter?

She told reporters during a visit to the Strand Arts Centre in east Belfast on Monday that she had not seen the no confidence letter, describing it as “so-called”.

Can someone explain (at a high level) what is going on here?