Politician are often demagogic. They can say things without citing sources, statistics, etc.

The laws are created to fulfill some purpose but this purposes are not defined in a formal language.

The following image orders the sciences from the most approximative to the most precise. Politics as we know it would be on the very left of this image.

enter image description here

I'm wondering it someone has theorized any system where laws should be written with formal languages, with explicit purpose, based on verifiable experiment / statistics. Or even only having references to psychological issues.

I'll try to make an example of what I mean by psychological issue.

People can be arrested and putted into jail. Why? For how many years? Which is the objective for doing this? This method is working? Which technical paper (see google scholar) refers about the results achieved in psychological experiments in rehabilitation of people? What consideration about the costs? What consideration about the duration of the punishment? What statistic on effectiveness? What psychological analysis about all this process?