This article in The Intercept says that the police response to the recent surge of violence in Israel has been “almost exclusively” against Palestinians (Israeli Arabs), even though “both sides were accused of mob violence”:

Now, with the dust beginning to settle on the worst of the violence, the very discrimination that gave rise to Palestinian discontent is again becoming apparent. Over the past several days, Israel launched a campaign of mass arrests against Palestinians in mixed cities who were accused, often without specific evidence, of rioting. No such sweeps were made to arrest Jewish Israelis accused of mob violence.

The article cites the number of “1,600 Palestinians arrested” (another article in Le Monde [fr;paywall] says “close to 2,000”). In the article witnesses accuse the police of protecting or ignoring violence when committed by Jewish people, for example:

“We’ve seen certain houses being marked by mobs by day, only to be attacked by night. This is terrifying because they are aided by the police directly, or indirectly when they turn a blind eye.”

The article argues that the Israeli police routinely discriminates against Palestinians:

Abou Shehadeh said there is a current movement to ask for international protection for Palestinians inside Israel. “The police are against you. The media is against you,” he said. “We have lost any basic feeling of security.”

Is the Israeli police and justice system discriminatory against Israeli Arabs?

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