From What country joined ww1 because of nationalism?, leading to Nationalism as a cause of World War I Facts & Worksheets, quoting its last sentence:

It was this intensified form of nationalism that led to the start of
World War I through the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in
Sarajevo in June 1914.

The possible antinomy is that Austria-Hungary annected Slavic Bosnia and Herzegovina against the “principles of nationalism”, that is, if Austria-Hungary had been more nationalistic, they would not have annected Bosnia and Herzegovina. They would only have been interested in Pan-Germanism as a counterpart to the rising Pan-Slavism, without invading any Slavic area. Then, Serbian nationalism would not have led to the assassination of Sarajevo, and there would not have been a war with (Pan-)Slavic Russia, and no World War I.


  • Is the quote above wrong? Is it wrong to say that WW1 was caused by intensified nationalism?
  • Is it right to say that too little nationalism of Austrians has led to WW1?

Mind that Hungary is neither Slavic nor Germanic, thus, Austria-Hungary did not contradict Austrian nationalism regarding Slavic-Germanic borders.