If we watch this video from 02:30, the conversation goes as follows:

Mehedi Hassan: “You've claimed that liberal democracy would be quote miserably wrong for China is liberal democracy miserably wrong just for China or are you saying it's wrong for everyone.”

Dr. Zhang Weiwei: “I came to the humble conclusion a non-western country adopting Western political system usually ends up in two scenarios either euphoria to despair or front euphoria to Anarchy.”

Mehedi Hassan: “How do you feel the Japanese feel about that or the Indians were or the South Koreans all the people of Taiwan all of whom were in naught non-western societies and happily enjoying liberal democracy in varying degrees but liberal democracy assent.”

Dr. Zhang Weiwei: “In the case of Japan its industrialization was not achieved under democracy. It's under the Imperial ruling system. With my respect a lot of respect for India, I've been to India many times you look at the gap between India and China. We start a similar level now China economy almost five times bigger life expectancy ten years longer.”

Dr. Zhang Weiwei explained Japan, but actually skipped talking about S. Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.

How can Dr. Zhang Weiwei's theory be justified in the case of the Four Asian Tigers?