Questions to Daily Kos Members from Nebraska.

Yeah, this is one of my many grasping at straws when it comes to flipping the U.S. Senate this year, but this caught my eye today:

According to the Cook Political Report’s most recent Senate race ratings, 12 seats currently held by Democrats and 6 currently held by Republicans could be in play this November. A few nomination contests are not yet decided. ThinkProgress looked at 23 major Republican candidates’ sites, 10 of which were from the closest races. Roughly half either did not mention their support for “repeal and replace” or hid the information away from their main “issues” page.

Now, most of the Senate seats are held by Democrats, and I wanted to review what Republican seats might, maybe, possibly, if the planets are all in the right alignment, flip from red to blue.  There are the three main ones, but I saw on the list this one as only “likely R”: Deb Fischer of Nebraska.

And she is one of those who suddenly doesn’t want to talk about repealing the ACA.

Sen. Deb Fischer (R-NE), who has no issues page on her site, but did repeatedlyvote to repeal the Affordable Care Act in 2017.

And I went to dig up some information about her competition, and I found an article on the Hill about Jane Raybould.

I guess my questions are these for anyone in Nebraska:  

  • What if any ground game does Raybould have?
  • What are Nebraskans talking about with regards to issues?
  • Is Raybould making any inroads with voters?

I’ve never been to Nebraska, so I have no idea what the politics is like, except what I have read.