Why don’t you speak up against racism shown recently against your fellow congressman Cummings?, or do you share Trump’s feelings about Baltimore and their representative.

How do you feel about the cozy feelings between Trump and Putin and also the Saudi Prince and Kim of North Korea?

When did you become protectors of Trump instead of protectors of the constitution and do you think you are upholding your oath of office?

Do you believe there is equal justice in America and if not, what are you doing about it?

What have you done since 2016 other than cover for Trump?

Do you feel like Mitch McConnell represents you and your constiguents?

Will you put your voting record on your websites regarding Election security?

Why do you not believe in a living wage?

How do you think that your govern all of the people when you are silent on the attacks Trump makes

without any merit?

Do you believe democrats and the media are the enemies of the state?

Do you consider yourself patriotic?  Do you believe you have done your job that you were sent to Washington to do and why should you continue to be voted for in 2020 based on your performance under Trump?