will Russia run out of money after wining the battle in Ukraine [closed]

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Is it possible that in this current situation carrying the cost of war can cause a complete collapse of the russian economy?

As per their officials, Russia will survive the financial crisis. But some experts think as they are also spending on Kazakhstan's reformations and spending money on the war in Ukraine may cause a complete meltdown of their economy.

Russia offers bound payments for avoiding financial defaults

(1) A higher inflation

inflations during conflicts

(2) A stronger tie between Russia and China

Russia already asked for china to support but china did not move its troops into the field there can be a reason:

i) too many covid19 cases in many major cities in China is causing death to their own citizens

US thinks China may join into this war

ii) It is mostly because of the US that will put some sanctions on China And China exports( 1.3 trillion dollars to the US and 147 billion dollars to Russia, so sanctions from US would damage their economy severely)

  1. Ruble vs USD near all-time low:

As the Ruoble is attaining an all-time low it would create a financial crisis for existing debt.

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  • March 21, 2022