Why would China not invade Taiwan given that the US did not send troops to Ukraine? What is different in these two geopolitical situations?

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In February 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine on account of "denazification and demilitarisation". In response to this, the United States and its allies did not send troops to fight in Ukraine (Ukraine is not a member of NATO or the EU) and sent military aid to Ukraine only.

A lot of political commentators point out that this is primarily due to the Russia and US both being nuclear powers and Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

However, this also seemingly sets up a very strange precedent where nuclear countries can be aggressors and attack smaller countries without other nuclear powers interfering due to MAD.

Moving elsewhere to the situation with Taiwan (which is becoming nervous seeing what is happening in Ukraine) and China, what is to stop/deter China from invading Taiwan as the US would not want to get involved yet again?

Note - The USA does have the Taiwan Relations Act but this is strategically ambiguous (to the best of my knowledge).

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