Why was the USS Kittyhawk sold for one cent for scrapping when the donation fund to turn it into a museum ship raised $5 million? [closed]

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Mar 10, 2022 06:35 AM 0 Answers
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All I can find is that the Navy chose not to turn it into a museum ship, but I don't understand, and cannot find an official explanation why.

I thought maybe they were worried about classified tech being made public, but that would be a risk with scrapping as well. Then I thought maybe $5 million wasn't enough money, but this doesn't make sense. The Navy doesn't provide any support to museum ships, they're run and funded solely by civilian non-profits; so why should the Navy care if the museum can actually afford to maintain it? And it's not like the Navy wanted the money since they were willing to sell it to scrappers for one cent.

Is there any official explanation of their logic, or perhaps some detail about museum ship creation I missed that explains it?

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