Why there's a strong opposition against vaccination and COVID-19 measures in Greece?

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In Greece there are strong opposition against Vaccines and any Covid-19 measure. Also, there's strong opposition in mandatory vaccination as well on health workers.

But I do not understand why there's such a strong opposition and how is caused?

Most oppositions have the following axis:

  1. Vaccine is experimental and not fully approved, because did not follow the traditional route of approval. The current state is a global experiment.
  2. Intentionally government closed the churches, therefore bad.
  3. Vaccinations must not be mandatory to everyone. Mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns reduce private freedom.

Also, I find a huge lack of information and many information is rather fragmented. Whilst prime minister was found in island of Ikaria in the midst of a lockdown on a house visit.

So I wonder why there's such an opposition on vaccination in Greece, and was the rise of it intentional. If yes for what, I mean Greek Government in the midst of a lockdown also voted 2 laws that are rather unpopular:

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  • September 15, 2021