Why should one wish to increase representation of minority groups?

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Perhaps an obvious question, but I can't give a precise answer. Exactly, why is that the world now starting to think that they should increase the representation of minority group through methods like Affirmative action? Put another way, why should there be active measures to increase , for example, number of dark skinned and Asians in higher positions in US?

Some thoughts I've had:

I thought about the "fairness" argument, but if we really get to the meat of it, we are all fundamentally different. The manifestation of race based differences are due to the different genes in people and the environment they grew up in. Taking the idea of affirmative action to the logical extreme, wouldn't society in the future have AA based on what genes a person has? This seems a bit absurd to me.

On this track, would we be compromising the quality of the candidates in the upper position as in attempts to give equivalent gene reservation, wouldn't we push those with worser genes ( chance for disease, lower cognitive ability) into upper position.

Note: I do 'feel' AA as a whole is a good thing, the issue is when we try to properly try to define concepts relating to it, and the edges of it's meaning.

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  • February 1, 2022