Why people with rich parents have higher SAT scores? [closed]

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While this question is not directly political, the issue is highly political topic. For example, many schools in California abandon standardized test because they claim that it's racist and only measure children's parents.

However, if the test scores measure IQ, for example, then maybe they should reconsider that. Because that means, kids with richer parents are simply smarter and hence more eligible to get into top colleges.

There are several possible reasons.

What I am asking is if there is any data, or experiment, that can be done to see which one is true.

Some of the possible reasons are:

  1. Rich students take more tests
  2. Rich students take more test preparation and go to better schools
  3. Rich students have smarter parents. In fact, the very reason why their parents are rich is because they are smarter and have higher IQ in the first place, and pass on their IQ to their children. In other words, wealth of parents is not the cause of higher SAT score. However, both the parents' wealth and the children's test scores have one underlying cause, namely, they have higher IQ.

I obviously do not know which one is true. However, from my personal experience, as someone coming from upper middle class parents in Indonesia, I think #3 is true. That's because I hardly took any test preparation or anything and just do well. Looks like I am just born that way because my parents are smart. It's genetic.

In any case, I wonder if we have several hypothesis like this, which one is actually correct? Are there variables or measures that can be used to see which cause the increase of test scores in children of rich parents.

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  • July 17, 2021