Why must export of Ukrainian grain go through Russian diplomatic and military approval?

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You can find claims all over the media that Ukraine cannot export their grain (I assume it was last year's production since it is too early for the new harvest) because the Russian navy has blockaded their ports. The UN is now talking to the Russian authorities of whom they have already made some demands and at the same time there are talks mediated by Turkey, at high levels, going on.

I am wondering, why should the world listen to the demands of an aggressor nation? Ukraine has a long border with Poland, Romania and other European countries. Couldn't they just bypass the blockade? I assume that transporting grain by train is more expensive. But transporting the grain to the ports on the Danube in Romania is not a long leg. From there it could be loaded on barges going towards Europe or in some ports could be loaded on seagoing vessels and reach the Black sea on the other side of the blockade.

Why is everyone turning a blind eye to such a simple solution?

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Judging from the answers by @Federico and @Fizz it seems I have to repeat that we are talking about last year's harvest that is being exported in small batches over a long period of time.

Update 2:

I found an article by the FAO which contains a comment about the usual export volumes from Ukraine in this period:

(The remaining volume of) 2.2 million tonnes for export in April-June ... is absolutely typical for Ukraine in the last months of the season

Even assuming an increase of production and exports since 2020 we are talking about an average export of less than 30,000 tons per day. (But this figure does not include pulse and oil seeds). The possible export routes are between five and eight different rail lines towards Romania, Hungary, Poland and the Slovak Republic.

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