Why is USPS not privately operated?

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Currently, there is a lot of discussion in my home country (Brazil) about privatization of the postal service, so, of course, the United States comes to mind for comparison

  • It is a country of continental dimensions
  • It is know for many services being privately run

I did a quick check and read this question and it shows that even without the pre-funding of the pensions that started in 2006, USPS is not consistently profitable, having only operated at a profit for 4 years ('03-'06) and losing money all the other years, requiring public and / or private subsidies to stay afloat

Magazines and other news outlets are all over the place - The Economist has their most recent piece on this subject in favor, Forbes has one against - but it looks more like an opinion article, and Fortune had this one that evidently didn't become true

So, that begs the question: what are the factors in play that still keep the USPS a government service?

And by factors I don't mean "It is in the Constitution" or any other legal structure that regulates the postal services or federal agencies, those can be changed if there is enough interest from the people at power.

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  • July 9, 2021