Why is US calling out war crimes in Ukraine but helping Saudi Arabia Commit same crimes in Yemen [closed]

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My question is very clear, what are the geopolitical and psychological reasons of this double standard. What are the root causes that superpowers act in a way while condemning others for the same behavior.

just to give some context, I find it really interesting that with all that is going on in Ukraine and all the blame the US is putting on Russia for hitting civilian buildings and hospitals and so, they are helping Saudi Arabia do the exact same things to Yemen using Raytheon missiles and American aircraft and weapons from other allied countries. American planes are even re-fueling Saudi planes on their way to hit hospitals and schools. Yemen is also being embargoed as people are starving to death but there is not a single condemnation by the US, if anything anytime Yemen responds they are the ones that are getting blamed by the US. is this not hypocrisy to the highest level?
my understanding is that basically the US gives a green light to allies to commit whatever war crimes they want while the same crimes done by non US aligned countries will be severely punished. An example is when the International Criminal Court wanted to just "look into" Israeli AND Palestinian war crimes the US pulled out of the ICC and sanctioned its judges and members! and now it wants to use the same ICC to condemn Russia of war crimes?

am I getting something wrong or is this a classical case of the pot calling the kettle black? and why is there absolute media silence on the Yemen war?

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