Why is there no push towards an American ID card?

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There has been a debate in the US regarding voter ID. Republicans seem to not trust voters who do not have them, and Democrats argue that IDs should not be necessary to vote since there are several demographic groups in the US who cannot afford an ID. Nobody seems to be proposing a federal level ID program for the US. I know many Americans are skeptical of their government being responsible enough to handle their data, but they probably already have some data over their citizens (how else would the states figure out if the person registering to vote actually exists?)

According to Harvard Law, it's costly and time-consuming to get an ID in the US. So, why is there not more of a push to make national identity cards more available in the US? That is, not to make them mandatory, but just easily available...

It doesn't make sense for the issue to be cost. The EU GDP per capita is lower than that of the US, and the EU population is higher than the US. Yet, the EEA, which comprises the EU member states alongside Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, has a national ID card system.

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  • July 1, 2021