Why is the West flirting with nuclear war? [closed]

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I've been very disturbed by this question as of late - why is the West pushing the Russia-Ukraine conflict towards a nuclear resolution?

My thinking is this. While I think Putin is wrong for invading Ukraine, and I feel horribly for the people of Ukraine who are now stuck with this mess, what is pushing the West to support this conflict? If the West stopped pumping tens billions of dollars in cash and weapons into Ukraine, Ukraine would be forced to negotiate with Russia - thus avoiding nuclear war, and also bringing the only plausible end to the whole conflict. It would be unfortunate that Putin would 'win', but that's reality - its the only way the conflict will end.

The idea of the West playing with nuclear war like this is so hard for me to wrap my head around - fine, its a small chance. But its so irresponsible.

The West's involvement here is also weird, as there are many other countries/territories fighting for freedom, that are totally ignored. The Kurds, Hong Kong, Armenia and Azerbaijan; why is Ukraine getting all the support?

Underlying this question is the fact that I know countries have interests, not values - so what value is there in prolonging a bloody war, and playing with nuclear conflict?

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  • October 19, 2022