Why is the U.S. allowing what is now a defacto “for profit trade association” to masquerade as a non-profit public interest organization

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May 27, 2022 01:49 AM 0 Answers
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Has the U.S. population has lost its ability to make its elected officials follow the clearly manifest will of the people.

The U.S. has school shooting after school shooting, mass shootings at grocery stores and movie theaters, mass shootings at outdoor concerts and family gatherings. Nowhere else on Earth has our particular brand of extreme crazy. Nowhere.

The NRA began its existence as a respectable gun safety & public education organization. However, at this point in time it seems to be nothing more than a trade group for protecting the profitability of the U.S. firearms industry. It seems to me that the NRA is using the 2nd amendment as a way to insure that as much money as possible keeps rolling into the firearms industry. This industry is more than just gun manufacturers. It is ammo makers, gun accessories makers, gunshops, gun publications and firing ranges, etc. In a sense the NRA helps maintain the profitability of 'publicly available' body armor and all sorts of tactical gear.

Please understand... I'm not anti-gun. I own a rifle. My sister owns a handgun. My brother has shotguns, a rifle and a powerful handgun. My son and daughter each has a handgun, daughter has concealed carry permit. The 'other side' of my family has several active and retired law enforcement officers.

I'm not anti-gun... I'm anti-stupid. I'm mad as h*** but there is nothing I can do because U.S. lawmakers (both Democrats and Republicans) are getting way too much by way of campaign contributions (directly or indirectly) from the gun industry. The public keeps loudly saying 'DO SOMETHING, DO ANYTHING WORTHWHILE TO HELP STOP THIS' while our officials say time after time Well, gosh, gee-wizz... our thoughts and prayers are with you... AGAIN.

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  • May 27, 2022