Why don't other countries try to emulate the United States? [closed]

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(Apologies in advance if I sound condescending or ignorant of world affairs. The former is unintentional; the latter is why I'm here.)

You often hear about countries (developing nations, mostly, but probably not entirely) whose political system is -- to American ears -- somewhat of a mess. I'm thinking of those places where the head of state unilaterally disbands the parliament or cancels elections, for instance.

I always wonder why no one in those countries proposes they adopt a system like ours? Checks and balances, separation of powers, etc.

Regardless of America's faults and shortcomings, we've been stable for two centuries, we're wealthier overall than everyone else, and our transitions of power happen regularly and bloodlessly almost all the time. Wouldn't the leaders of other countries, if they want their home to be successful, try to emulate that?

My first thought would be that the leaders of those other countries aren't very patriotic; they're not interested in any system in which checks, balances, and term limits would apply to them. But surely there must be someone who truly wants their county to be successful, even if means being subject to the laws they help put into place.

Could there be other reasons? Or am I wrong in assuming that developing countries never try this?

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  • August 7, 2021