Why does US law allow for a speaker that is not elected? [closed]

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The question is based on an article from NPR which states that "there's no requirement that the speaker has to be an elected representative." Part of my question was not answered in the linked answers, and so I am re-asking it here with clarification.

Why was the US house designed in a way that allows for a non-elected speaker? Wouldn't this give a lot of power to a non-elected person? We could compare this to the cabinet members, but their role is to serve and aid the president. The Speaker of the House runs the house, putting members on committees, and directing different aspects of what is discussed when. This is a powerful position in the US House. How did it come about that this position is one that can be filled by a non representative? Can we go even further - can this position be held by someone who is not a legal citizen?

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  • October 17, 2021