Why does the U.S. Census deliberately transfer population to neighboring census blocks?

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I am involved a little in both Vermont House redistricting and Burlington City Council redistricting.

I have noticed, at least two census blocks that the Census is clearly over reporting population. Both are visible using District Builder in this map of Burlington Vermont.

One census block is Block #16005, which is part of the University of Vermont "Green". Absolutely no buildings, residential or otherwise, and the Census reports 20 people.

enter image description here

The other is Block #4460, which is the Ethan Allen Homestead with one caretaker (and perhaps a spouse or partner) living on the property. Yet the Census reports it as 12 persons. I know, for certain, that it's false.

enter image description here

I presume they are transferring counts from neighboring blocks so that overall counts for cities, counties, and states, are still correct. I imagine they are trying to protect some private information by skewing these numbers. But is that the reason they are doing it? I really don't fully understand why they are doing this.

Has anyone else noticed something like this in their area? Does anyone know the skinny on it?

There are other really silly blocks that they have carved out, but that question can wait for later.

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  • December 28, 2021