Why does the NOT the Govt. of Maharashtra use Moḍi as the official script of the Maraṭhi Language? [closed]

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The Moḍi script was extensively used to write Maraṭhi during the rule of the Maraṭha confederacy. But during the British rule Balbodh replaced Moḍi for Maraṭhi documentation in the Bombay Presidency. But Moḍi continued being taught in schools for Marathi until the formal Independence of India and splitting of Bombay state into Gujarat and Maharashṭra.

Why did the State of Maharashtra stop teaching Moḍi Script in its schools and replaced it with Baḷbodh? Why did Baḷbodh become the official script of the Maraṭhi language, instead of Moḍi script.

The British discontinued the use of Modi script in official communication to stop Marathi self-determination in a fashion similar to the way the English discriminated against the Welsh and shamed them for using the Welsh language instead of the English language.

Why did the State Govt. of Maharashṭra not officiate Moḍi for Maraṭhi in an effort for better self determination of the Marathi culture.

𑘦𑘨𑘰𑘙𑘰 𑘭𑘰𑘦𑘿𑘨𑘰𑘕𑘿𑘧𑘰𑘝 𑘦𑘨𑘰𑘙𑘲 𑘦𑘻𑘚𑘲 𑘩𑘲𑘢𑘲𑘝 𑘩𑘲𑘮𑘲𑘩𑘲 𑘕𑘰𑘝 𑘀𑘭𑘹. 𑘢𑘜 𑘦𑘮𑘰𑘨𑘰𑘬𑘿𑘘𑘿𑘨 𑘨𑘰𑘕𑘿𑘧𑘰𑘓𑘲 𑘭𑘿𑘞𑘰𑘢𑘡𑘰 𑘖𑘰𑘩𑘿𑘧𑘰 𑘡𑘽𑘝𑘨 𑘦𑘻𑘚𑘲 𑘩𑘲𑘢𑘲𑘓𑘿𑘧𑘰 𑘋𑘪𑘕𑘲 𑘤𑘰𑘯𑘤𑘻𑘠 𑘮𑘲 𑘩𑘲𑘢𑘲 𑘫𑘰𑘭𑘎𑘲𑘧 𑘪𑘿𑘧𑘪𑘮𑘰𑘨𑘰𑘭𑘰𑘙𑘲 𑘎𑘰 𑘪𑘰𑘢𑘨𑘩𑘲 𑘐𑘹𑘩𑘲?

मराठा साम्राज्यात मराठी मोडी लिपीत लिहीली जात असे. पण महाराष्ट्र राज्याची स्थापना झाल्या नंतर मोडी लिपीच्या ऐवजी बाळबोध ही लिपी शासकीय व्यवहारासाठी का वापरली गेली?

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