Why does the African Union defer to Somalia on the question of Somaliland's suzerainty?

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There was an interesting Economist article I read on the question of why Somaliland, a functioning state in all but name, isn't recognized by more countries:

For longer than most of its people have been alive, its pleas for recognition as an independent state have been ignored. The world defers on this to the African Union, the continental arbiter. It, in turn, argues that Somaliland can win independence only with the consent on Somalia, which says no.
Somaliland deserves international recognition - The Economist

To me, it's obvious why the world asks for the opinion of the AU; Africa has ultimate responsibility for its governmental problems and suzerainty issues. However, when the AU asks Somalia for its opinion, Somalia wants to keep power over the largest amount of land that it can, so it will for the predictable future say "no".

Why does the AU ask Somalia instead of taking a different approach?

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  • May 19, 2021