Why do US and France warn Iran while time is running out for Israel [closed]

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The United States and France have warned Iran that time is running out to return to a nuclear dealthe guardian.

Well, that way one can say that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons (this is while they already have access to high-tech ballistic and intercontinental ballistic missiles), and indeed time is running out for Israel.


Why do they warn Iran?

Of course, I have assumed that they do not have nuclear weapons at the moment، Which seems very unlikely.

Both Obama and Trump also refused to prepare for war with Iran.
And now, given the global corona virus pandemic, the option of a military strike on Iran is unlikely to even be on the table.

The Biden admin must now become a sponsor of terrorism in order to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon!.

The United States must lift all sanctions on Iran.

Does America even have a choice in this regard?

I'm struggling to get my head round the premise of your question. Why wouldn't they warn Iran?

Because Iran is a superpower (that is, it has become) and there is not much you can do with a superpower that they can not do worse.

How does lifting sanctions on Iran prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons?

Well, it was undoubtedly the idea of ​​the Liberal Democrats and Barack Obama himself to take a diplomatic approach instead of occupying Iran like Iraq.

And how does lifting sanctions correspond to "becoming a sponsor of terrorism"?

You lift the sanctions, soon everyone will findout how this is possible, do not worry too much about it!.


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  • June 26, 2021