Why do presidential campaigns in the Philippines begin only 90 days before the election? When was this imposed; what can/can't begin before this date?

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The CNN Philippines Politics as Usual video May 2022: Who are you rooting for? | Politics As Usual begins (with dramatic music playing in the background, my transcription aided by closed captions):

In this politics-crazy country elections are like exhaust valves that let off a little steam. Not exactly Philippine democracy at its finest, but good enough to see how near and far expectation is from reality.

That exhaust valve ever-so-slowly opened on the first day of the campaign 90 days before election day for national candidates just like today February 8th, and sixty days for local. And that, which will ever be so slowly closed, although not completely, on May 9, 2022.

We are about to go on an adventure, never before taken, a road never before trodden. For even if elections are just like the usual, there are still things that we will still see and hear in this uniquely Filipino horse race, this joust, this cockfight we will see anywhere or anytime else.

The 90 day period can be confirmed by Wikipedia's 2022 Philippine presidential election; Start of campaign period for national positions

Presidential tickets held their proclamation rallies on February 8, 2022, the start of the campaign period for national positions...

Question: Why do presidential campaigns in The Philippines begin only 90 days before the election? When did this limit start? Which activities can/can't begin before this date?

The only other democratic presidential election process I'm familiar with is that of the US and to my knowledge while campaigns do have filings that have deadlines (not sure about earliest dates to file or its relevance) they are much earlier than this.

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  • February 20, 2022