Why do politicians make so much money?

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Senators, ministers, presidents, .... all these people earn a lot of money, and not just during their work: when the president of the US leaves office, they will receive about $200,000 annually as a pension.

Why? What is the point of giving so much money away? I understand it is not much compared to what they could make elsewhere given their new-found network, but it is still a lot of money compared to an average American.

Politicians say that they do what they do because they want to see their nation prosper. If true, why would they willingly take so much money away, as opposed to letting it stay in the budget?

The only argument I've ever heard of is that the high salary is needed to attract the best. This seems contradictory: the high salary will not attract "the best", the high salary will attract everyone, and the best will be lost in the ensuing mass of people all claiming to be servants of the country.

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  • December 5, 2016