Why do I hear persistent accusations that Bill Gates is selfish or has evil intent? [closed]

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Some sources love to paint Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation as selfish and evil. An example viewpoint might be Alex Jones, who claims to be a leader or spokesperson for the patriot movement. I find this usurpation of the word "Patriot" particularly troubling. Patriots are people who are willing to put their lives on the line for the country, not some extreme right-wing partisan agenda.

For example, the Netflix's series Explained aired an episode titled "Pandemic" including claims that Bill and his wife, Melinda Gates, are

"trying to terrify you into accepting forced inoculation in the name of protecting your health, when in truth, vaccines have been proven to lower immunity in most cases, to be filled with cancer viruses and other pathogens, and to be a scourge from the technocrats, from the eugenicists in the last 60 to 70 years."

Why would Netflix lend its platform to such claims?

These accusations seem to regularly include claims that Mr. Gates is part of a globalist elite whose goal is to depopulate the earth and establish a private world government. For example, a good friend told me that the Gates Foundation ran experiments that resulted in the deaths of many young girls.

Mr. Jones expresses his feelings by making claims, like the following:

Jones has subsequently built on his Gates conspiracy theory. Here are some of his specific claims from recent weeks:

April 9: Jones claimed that the development of an invisible tattoo to track childhood vaccinations, which received funding from Gates' foundation, has the actual goal of allowing globalists to "track everything you do" as part of a "depopulation cult."

April 21: Claiming that the novel coronavirus "is a manufactured virus," Jones said, "It's going to chew your testicles off, I mean, that's what Bill Gates wants to do, he wants to reduce your fertility." Jones added that "They're coming for your fertility, they're coming for your balls." Later during his broadcast, Jones said, "You know who made that virus and who cooked it up? Bill Gates, baby. Leads right back to that smiley piece of garbage." Jones also claimed that Bill and Melinda Gates "patented" the novel coronavirus to insert microchips or other objects into every person on earth so that they can be bought and sold by globalists.

April 24: Jones claimed that Gates is "murdering my family and me, he's killing me, he's killing my children, and he thinks it's funny," adding, "If I've got to die so that he can't go on killing everybody, that's fine. And I want him to know that." In addition, Jones claimed that Gates is "in charge of the planet" and that he is creating vaccines that are "reprogramming systems for your whole damn body."

April 27: Jones described the historical background of the conspiracy he alleges Gates is involved in, saying, "All the big old money is behind Gates, he's the robber barons, the Nazis, all these dead people put everything they had into this little piece of crap." Jones went on to describe Gates as the "placeholder" for the arrival of the Antichrist, calling him "Satan's benchwarmer."

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  • October 17, 2021