Why do Canadians complain more about cost of living than Saudis? [closed]

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I do not get it.

Alberta’s recoverable reserves of oil are, still conservatively, the largest on Earth by far, and are larger than those of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela combined.

Canada is rich in water sources, agriculture, high-tech industry, access to capital markets, and a liberal government and a constitutional system whereas the Saudis have a controversial (repressive) monarchy.

Why are Canadians poorer than the Saudis? Why are Canadians in debt and complaining of cost of living, housing affordability and health care shortages when their land has more gas and oil (and much more) than the Saudis?

Update: after I posted the question above, the responses challenged for a definition of “wealth” that made me perceive Saudis as “richer” and Canadians as “poorer”. My perception was made out of people complaints/feedback from both countries regarding day-to-day concerns such as cost of living, minimum wage, crimes, and drug-addiction problems.

Also, the country’s foreign aid is the image of the country to foreigners. In 2006, it was reported that Saudi Arabia was the biggest per capita donor at US$49 billion whereas the USAID was at US$27 billion.

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