Why did the US officials threaten Pakistan on the record? [closed]

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According to Pakistani PM Imran Khan, on 7th March 2022, Pakistani diplomats were summoned to the foreign office of "a Western country" and were told that

  1. they were not satisfied with Pakistan's Russia policy.
  2. PM Imran Khan visited Russia on his own accord which is not acceptable to them.
  3. a no-confidence move is coming against the PM.
  4. if the PM IK survives the no-confidence move, Pakistan will face a grim future.
  5. if the PM IK is gone, all of Pakistan's wrong moves would be forgiven.

He also said that these threats are present in the black and white form of an official communique.

On 31st March 2022, the official "threat" document was presented in front of the national security council of Pakistan and decided to issue a demarche against the US role. On 2nd April 2022, a senior US diplomat in Pakistan was summoned by the Foreign Office of Pakistan and registered a protest. On 3rd March 2022, PM IK revealed that it was Donald Lu who threatened Pakistani officials on the record.

The USA publicly denied any role in the ouster of PM Imran Khan.

Now, my questions are:

  1. If the USA was to maintain the policy of "plausible deniability", why was the threat conveyed on the record?
  2. If the USA conveyed the threat on the record, why are they denying it?
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