Why did Putin call Ukrainian officials “drug addicts”?

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Mar 10, 2022 09:20 AM 0 Answers
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Among other things, Putin has called the Ukrainian leadership a “band of drug addicts” (source) shortly before invading Ukraine in 2022.

This seems like a strange accusation. He could have simply accused them of corruption, extremism, or any other broad claim that’s hard to prove. But he chose drug addiction.

For one, drug addiction is not malicious. It is often a result of emotional struggles and drug addicts should be helped. I do not understand the logic of how this claim is supposed to help justify the invasion.

Also, it is a specific claim and I suppose that he needs to present evidence of individuals in the Ukrainian government who are drug addicts in order to have credibility.

Is there any cultural context which I am missing? Or any known cases of drug addicts in the Ukrainian government?

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